You Must Check Out These Traits When You Choose A Paint

The durability of the paint in question is based on the color of normal paint, the standard age of wall paint color is the maximum average age of 5 years. If the color quickly changes quickly fades within 1 to 2 years, it can be said that the paint pigment color is not good. Meanwhile, you can also hire the black and white paintings if you don’t have the time to paint the rooms in your house by yourself.

The composition of wall paint is between color pigments and flour, if the color pigments are bad, they will fade and the only ones left are the layers of flour, such as; the paint color suddenly fades and tends to turn white (white tinge). The paint color fades no exception both inside and outside the room.

The application of wall paint according to the function and character of the paint, such as; special interior paint and special exterior paint, waterproof paint types and many others.

Then, liming is the effect of paint after drying, if after drying on the wall then our fingers or palms apply or rub and the color sticks to our hands then it is certain that the paint occurs calcification caused by the flour mixture on the wall paint content does not stick properly. Limestone conditions indicate the quality of wall paint is very, very good.

Furthermore, now there are many choices of anti-stain paint so that if there are stain impurities such as; dust, mud, the pencil will be easy to clean by moistening with a damp cloth and a little washing soap. But if your wall paint does not contain stains, do not once rub it with water and soap.

Some wall paints that have good quality if exposed to stains can be cleaned with a “wet cloth” even if they do not include anti-stain brands and only a few brands of course.

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