You Can Do These Things If You Have Quartz Watches

Some people like citizen watches eco drive. They must have their own reasons when they choosing those watches. If we only have one watch, we can easily know whether the battery runs out. Furthermore, we can replace the battery immediately. What is unlucky is that if the quartz watch dies it is only known after a long period of time, because we have more than one watch.

How do you avoid it? You can turn off the engine if you plan not to use it for a long period of time. You can do in order to avoid a situation where the watch dies unnoticed. It also makes quartz watch battery durable. You should turn off the watch if you don’t want to damage the machine of your watch. You can pull the crown until the second-hand stops. In addition, you must keep the watch away from liquid and camphor. Because liquid can cause rust while camphor can cause the rubber seal to be damaged.

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