Ways for Children to Like Science

It cannot be denied that science, in this case, natural and exact science will be very useful for the future of children. However, often children feel forced to study science and then hate it. The following tips from mcgill university can help you to encourage children to like science. Encouraging children to like science turns out to be very easy. It doesn’t need to be expensive for additional tutoring or makes children lose playing time.

Learning science is not easy, because it creates pleasure when learning it so that children do not feel that science is difficult, and only in the form of an obligation to get grades at school. Through the process of playing and learning that is fun, science can more easily enter the child’s brain.

1. Create children’s pleasure outside the classroom

If there is an extracurricular about science at school, encourage children to follow it. Or if around your residence there is a science club that can teach children scientific things more practically without a complicated theory, you can enter the child into the club. If you can’t find extra-curricular or out-of-school clubs with science themes, you can submit this to the school. If not approved, create your own science club whose members are your children and friends. You can hire someone to be a mentor, or you yourself teach the children that science is fun.

2. Allow children to play video games

Look for video game games that hone children’s science skills, like Minecraft or others. Download some games that require children to think scientifically and solve puzzles in it. In this way, the child will unconsciously acquire scientific knowledge in a way that is more fun than at school.

3. Explore together

Science is not only about finding answers to mysteries in nature, but also the process of finding answers themselves. Take the time to explore the mystery of science with your child behind the house, or near the playground. In addition to making children love science more, you also have spent valuable time with children who can bring your relationship closer.

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