These Are Two Interesting Places That You Can Visit In The UK

The UK is one of the most popular countries among tourists. Many tourists from various countries visit the UK. This is because the UK has many beautiful places that can be visited. However, you need a visa if you want to go to this country. For those of you who already have a partner, you will need a spousal visa. You can get it if you follow the a2 english test first. This is a condition that you must fulfill so you can get a UK visa a2 english test.

There are many interesting places that you can visit in the UK. Here are some places you can visit while you are in the UK.

Tower Of London
The Tower of London is considered one of the most important places in the UK and is also listed as one of the world’s heritage sites. This place is a large fortress that has a pretty tragic story.
The fort located on the side of the river acts as a prison, where King Henry VIII executed two of his wives, namely Katharine Howard (1542) and Anne Boleyn (1536). In this fort, you can also find 6 crows which are maintained by Ravenmaster. Even the English proverb says that when crows leave the tower, this building and the monarchy will collapse.

Stonehenge is one of the most important historical sites in the past. Which, Stonehenge is a historical heritage that was built by culture leaving no written records in history so that until now it has caused debate among its researchers. There is evidence to show that giant rocks that show Stonehenge was built around 2500 BC. Although it is uncertain what exactly the purpose of this Stonehenge was built, the researchers believe that this building was used as a ritual, ceremony, and religious event by the population at that time.

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