One Simple Way To Take Care Of Aircon: Cleaning The Air Filter

Having a private aircon means you have to be able to take care of yourself. Everyone wants to have items that can last a long time. Therefore they must be able to take good care of them Likewise, having a private aircon means that you have to take care of it so that it can last a long time to save expenses. Maintenance of aircon is not only done in private homes, but also in offices, hotels, or places that use aircon. Usually, they use aircon servicing for a large amount of care.

But for those of you who want to treat aircon at home, you can start from the simplest thing, namely cleaning the air filter. The main function of the aircon is to filter dirty air to produce fresher and cooler air. Dirty air usually contains dust which then attaches to the air filter. This air filter must be cleaned for several weeks so as not to clog the evaporator pipe. If the air filter gets clogged, then the capacity of the air passing through the filter becomes reduced until it finally causes the aircon so not cool.

For general users who do not know this, they will tend to set the temperature cooler. Temperature regulation like this is a waste. The condition of dirty aircon can make some of the dust in and suck into the evaporator, then it can clog the evaporator until it finally attaches to the cooling fan. Conditions like this will add to the workload of the aircon engine. Therefore, it is recommended to frequently clean the aircon air filter. You don’t need to wait for several months. You can clean once a week or two to keep the air clean and cool.

That is one way to keep the aircon working optimally. You can clean the filter yourself or contact the aircon servicing to get maximum results. Aircon service services usually know more about aircon maintenance. You just need to wait for their work to finish.

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