Caring for your watch so it won’t break quickly

At first, watches were a development of pre-existing pocket watches. Even though watches have been around since the 16th century in the form of arm watches. The watch is only worn on women in the form of bracelets while men use pocket watches. However, in the end, the watches for men also developed considering that pocket watches were not practical to be used for professions that needed coordination in the field such as soldiers in war, pilots on flights, and others. It is a tag watch that shows the time using a second hand (second hand), minute (minute hand), an hour (hour hand). Some tag watch also has additional features such as the second time zone and Greenwich Mean Time / GMT with the addition of a special needle for clock instructions. The calendar is also usually an additional feature on analog clocks.

There are several purposes people wear watches. For example to pay attention to timeliness, for social status, for fashion needs, as well as for collections and investments. There are three types of watches that are circulating in the community, namely analog watches, digital watches, and combi watches.

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