Make Your Wedding Flower Bouquet Become Eternal In These Ways

Bouquet of flowers is an important item in a wedding. You can, of course, choose the right flower bouquet for yourself visit us. There are many types of flower bouquets that you can choose from and you can adjust them to the wedding concept and the dress you are using. You can get the best flower bouquet in ramos de flores.

Unfortunately, the bouquet of flowers that you hold on the wedding day can be wasted if the party is finished. So, you should be able to capture the bouquet. There are several ways you can use to capture the wedding bouquet. This is a number of ways.

1. You can put the flower in the book
The first thing you can do to preserve the flower bouquet is to attach it to the book. The method is very easy, you can choose the preferred flower, then place it and press it using adhesive glue on a paper or thick book. Let the flowers stick perfectly for several hours until they are no longer loose.

2. You can hang the Bouquet
The second way is to put a bouquet of flowers in a favorite place, for example, hanging in a closet or stored in another favorite place. You just need to clean the flowers from dirt that might stick, and make sure the flowers are still tied well. Next, tie the bouquet with a rope and hang it in a place that is exposed to the sun. So, the flowers can dry completely and not rot because of water. Besides being easy, this method makes you save the flowers easily.

3. You can capture it in a painting
This way might be easier than other methods because you only need to capture the bouquet of flowers into the painting. You can paint it yourself or ask for the services of a painting artist to make his paintings. After that, you can put the flower painting in the living room or bedroom.

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