Some Things We Must Be Careful of Mice

Some people may be fine with mice because they have faces that are funny and easy to keep, but we have to look if there are many dangers that we can get from mice. Mice can transmit various diseases to the human body, both from bites, eating foods that have been contaminated with urine and rat faeces or being bitten by fleas that once sucked the blood of sick mice. To get rid of mice and other pests from home, pesticides from natural pest control Randwick are always ready to help you any time. Don’t waste time until something bad happens in your home. To note, the thing that is feared from the urine of the mouse inside is that there are harmful bacterias. The bacterias are called Leptospira.

This is very dangerous if leptospirosis occurs. Leptospirosis is a disease caused by leptospira bacterias. This disease is transmitted thru intermediary animals including; rats and dogs. Spira can survive for one month in fresh water. Not only in water but these bacterias can also last long in other places that are moist and dirty and mouse urine is one of the media where these bacterias thrive and if mice urinate in a certain place then leptospira bacterias can live in that place in long time. Thru rat urine, these bacterias can then be transmitted to the human body thru the skin, mucous membranes, wounds, food, and water contaminated with these bacterias. It only takes four to ten days for the leptospira bacterias to enter the bloodstream. Then attack various important organs in the body such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

If you have been infected with this bacterium, the symptoms that appear between four to nine days are; fever to shivering, heavy head, dizziness, nausea, body weakness/vomiting, vomiting, red eyelids, calf and back pain.

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