Everything About A Prayer

If you ask why you don’t pray, it might be because you don’t really believe that God is able to help us. This is reflected through our half-hearted attitude in prayer. we cannot persevere in our prayers to God when we do not wholeheartedly believe. We prefer to be like the waves of the ocean that are swayed by the wind by relying on ourselves, rather than coming to God in our prayers and believing that He hears prayer and does not hold back His goodness from the righteous who come crying to Him. Do you need prayer request in order to get faster healing?

Fourth, we do not pray because of our concept that God is a series of abstract propositions and not a person who truly lives and to whom we can relate. The consequence is that when we pray, we already have a pattern about what we can say and how we formulate it. Even unfortunately, we try to find beautiful words or sentences from the prayers we hear and adopt them in our personal prayers. Prayer is nothing more than a formulation of words without meaning. As a result, our prayers become cold routines.

The Bible reveals to us that the God we worship is a living Person, to whom we can relate. We relate to a personal God, not to a set of propositions or mental ideas. In our relationships with parents, lovers, partners, or close friends, we certainly feel the need to establish relationships with them. We want to know them more closely. We tell things that happen in our lives, share joys and sorrows, spend time together. We realize the need to relate to them so that we give us the time we have to build that relationship. However, unfortunately in our spiritual life, what often happens is that we don’t seem to have time to relate to God through our prayers

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