Cause and Effect Of Flood

Flood is a condition of an overflow of water which results in some area. Floods are water in large volumes that overwhelm an area. Floods can be interpreted as a flow of water that can no longer be accommodated by lakes, seas, rivers, and another source. Usually, the flood comes from continuous heavy rains or streams. When this disaster happens, many people lose their possessions. Even to cause casualties. Therefore, we must know about the causes of floods in order to take appropriate steps to prevent it. If you seek for Water Damage Restoration Company, you can visit action1restoration website.

The following are some of the causes of flooding:

– Lowland areas

Of course, the lowland areas will be prone to flooding, because the overflow of water will flow from the high plains to the lowlands where floods are frequent.

– High rainfall

An area with high rainfall, if there is protracted or heavy rain in the long period of time, it is very potential flooding, especially low-lying areas and has a high rainfall will be more easily the occurrence of the flood.

– Dam that is broken

Dam that is broken is a frequent cause around the environment is less well maintained and easily damaged sustainability, take advantage of something not in place and the result will result in flash floods.

– One of the spatial governance systems

By making a mistake the spatial governance system that causes the water is difficult to absorb and the flow is slow. While the water coming to the area is more than the usual flow so easy to flood.

– The occurrence of a tsunami

It is one of the largest types of seawater floods. Tsunamis usually occur as a result of a shift in the atmospheric layers of the plates of the earth. The high tsunami waves can sweep the surrounding areas causing many casualties.

– The land is not able to absorb water

The inability of the soil to absorb water is due to rarely found green land or vacant land. So that water directly into the channel, river, lake, ditch. The vast amount of water that can not be contained by these channels also pools and causes flooding.

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